Consultancy services

Let us help you find the best consultants for your organizational needs.
We work only with professionals that we know can deliver according to ours and your expectations.

Software project development

We realize your ideas and create products like e-commerce, web applications, mobile apps, and responsive websites from scratch. We place great emphasis on making customers feel comfortable by taking full responsibility from design/prototype to final product and maintenance. We have a continuous dialogue with you to ensure quality during the project.

We have worked with SW development projects for years and can offer solutions based on your project budget at either a fixed or hourly rate, from designing to complete project delivery.


Get your own team today! (Proof of Concept, Design, Requirements, Development, Quality assurance, Maintenance)
Team up based on hourly rate & team size

With Qualipro’s development team, you get a senior developer on-site either your location or in our premises in Malmö where the rest of the team at a distance from our development offices 1-4 travel time from Copenhagen.

This means that you have a technical management consultant on your premises and do not need to put any of your time on documentation, planning, or other detailed project management tasks.
This setup corresponds to having an entire development team fully allocated to fulfil the implementation according to your project needs, where you only need to provide one workplace only or less if needed.
You only pay for the time the developers spend on your project.

Together with our lead development manager, your project plan and budget we set the structure of the project setup together with recommendations from us to achieve the best deliverables during the allocated project time. We can team up with allocation based on project needs and state, with competences within Design, requirements, development, Quality assurance, DevOps and other means of skills needed to achieve complete and successful project delivery within our commonly set goals.


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This means that we can take care of your existing application or the one we built for you. You can advantageously focus on your core business, selling or developing new products. We run and manage your server software & deployments, Monitor & fix your software failure, and estimate new system features.

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